The Family History Center will be closed 15 to 30 March 2015. Reopening on 31 March 2015.

Build your Family Tree

There are many amazing resources from which you can build your family tree. Come visit the Family History Center in Escondido and get started today!

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Look forward to our 2016 Family History Fair next Spring

The 2015 Family History Fair was held 7 March 2015. Look forward to our 2016 Family History Fair next Spring.

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Schedule Library Resources

Follow the link to schedule library resources and find office hours etc. We have new scanners that can be scheduled; you may also want to schedule a training session.

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Past Events

Our Family History Fair has just concluded.  It was held on March 1st, 2014.  We had over 350 people register, with an exhibit hall with 17 exhibitors, and 37 workshops for beginners and experts alike. It was a great success!! If you missed us, be sure to look for future events.